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The Hygiene Revolution

In today’s society, with an increasing commitment to health and personal care, Lootel Smart Restrooms offer the best solution for complete personal hygiene.

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  • Toilet AccessoriesRestroom
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  • Ultimate HygieneUltimate

Extending Far Beyond Sanitation Services

Lootel’s Smart Sanitation is a new way of looking at sanitation and is a complete self-sustainable solution for a public restroom. This uniquely designed restroom caters to a lot of freshening up problems prevailing in the society.

  • Exceptional ComfortSelf
  • Toilet AccessoriesSmart
  • Intimate CareExceptional
  • Ultimate HygieneDelightful

Simply Pay Rs.10 & Use The Nearest Lootel Restroom

Use Lootel Smart Restrooms by paying ₹10 and redeem the restroom coupon at Lootel café on food and beverages bill. It’s simple; like making the usage literally free!

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Lootel restrooms are uniquely designed, and have:

Dry and hygienic restrooms

We maintain clean, dry and hygienic restrooms by following a cleaning schedule after every use while creating a fresh space that people will talk about positively.

Central air conditioning

Our restrooms have a central air conditioning system so that the people can feel fresh while using the restroom. The enhanced air quality reduces allergies and improves overall comfort.

Anti-bacterial seats

Hygienic and durable, our stylish restroom seat protects against staining and odors. The seats are manufactured in a way that kills and/or eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other harmful microbes.

Shower facility

We offer shower facilities that are tested, proven and manufactured to be water efficient making the experience of the people with us both pleasant and convenient.

Instant clean-up facility

Our restroom cleaning facility is instant and is specifically designed to tackle odors and dirt after every single use. The cleaning capability of our team is immediate and swift, whenever needed!

Wi-Fi zone

IOT based

We provide a fully-immersive experience through the Internet of Things (IoT) that includes quality assurance, performance, reliability, and user-experience feedback, with the aim of ensuring your comfort and safety.

Make it free

Our entire structure works on pay, use and redeem model where the user can pay for using the restrooms and simultaneously redeem the coupon at the Lootel Café, making it customer-friendly.

Value for money

We understand the value behind service/food costs and thus empower our users with the ability to have a world-class experience like never before.

Lootel, Leading The Way

Addressing the issue of hygiene in public restrooms, Lootel promises to offer a luxury space to freshen up, while also taking care of your luggage and comfort. It comprises of three unisex restrooms, where one of the restroom is dedicatedly designed for differently-abled/ physically handicapped users. Operational since February 2017, Lootel is a completely self-sustainable solution of a public restroom, managed and maintained through hi-tech technology.

While the entire structure is fashioned out in such a way that is fire and insect-proof, the Lootel smart toilet/washroom/Restroom & Café makes use of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for its energy and resource requirements.


To provide premium quality and clean smart restroom services across the globe.


To become India’s first premium quality public restroom service provider chain.