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    Lootel Is A Smart Franchise

    Lootel offers franchising opportunities to enthusiastic individuals with strong business acumen and claims to differentiate in:

    • Exceptional ComfortDesign
    • Toilet AccessoriesOperational
    • Intimate CareTechnology

    Changing The Entire Ecosystem Of Public Sanitation

    The perception about public toilets in India is completely gloomy. That’s why we have taken this challenge to change the entire ecosystem and hence, we are the first mover in the premium public toilets who introduced this innovative concept in the market. Lootel operates on a pay, use, and redeem model using the Internet of Things (IoT), where cleaning takes place after every use and requires minimal human intervention.

    • Exceptional ComfortUnique smart
      sanitation concept
    • Toilet AccessoriesTechnology-driven
    • Intimate CarePassive investment
      franchise model

    Lootel Is A Smart Franchise Investment For You

    Lootel stands out as a brand committed to serving the public in a smart way. As a result, we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of investing in a business with a higher return on investment by franchising with Lootel. Our proven business model and the glowing reputation we enjoy, are a testament to our franchise owners.

    • Exceptional ComfortHigh return
      on investment
    • Toilet AccessoriesMinimum guaranteed
      income model
    • Intimate CareComplete
      fund security

    Revenue Services

    Smart Restroom

    Lootel has been envisaged on a model that will have a public restroom, operating on the Internet of Things (IoT), making it a smart restroom.

    Smart Get Ready

    Lootel promises to offer a luxury space to freshen up, take a shower and get ready all at one place with perfect hygiene as per the USP of the venture.

    Smart Shower


    Lootel ecosystem brings the benefits of advertisement with a captive audience, letting the franchise owner sit in the comfort of the home/office.

    Restroom Accessory Store

    High-end, modern bath accessories, fixtures, and furniture, Lootel has everything that brings luxury quality and design into the restroom.

    Lootel Café

    Lootel is a luxury restroom which comes with a small cafeteria, serving snacks and beverages that works on the concept of pay, use and redeem.

    Are you ready to be a part of this smart revolution?


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