How To Market Your Restaurant’s New Menu and Pricing

How to market your restaurant's new menu and pricing

How To Market Your Restaurant’s New Menu and Pricing

If you’re rolling out a new menu, then this is the perfect opportunity to attract new customers and excite your existing customer base with something new. Launching a new menu lets you have some great content that will level up your restaurant’s advertising game.

With this, you can take advantage of your new menu’s potential and pump up your new and existing customers to try out your new items. Along with your service and ambiance, restaurant menu and price innovation is a must for every restaurant that wishes to attract more customers and increase its sales.

1.Approach Influencers and Bloggers

Media plays a huge role in the success of any new product, and food is no exception. Reach out to some of the popular food bloggers to try out your newly launched menu and ask them to write a review.

Or, you could also reach out to social media influencers who will create content for you, promoting your new menu and pricing in an engaging way. Your new menu should be enough to convince them to promote your establishment and post about it on social media so you don’t have to spend any money or come up with new marketing ideas.

2. Create a Buzz In Advance

If you’re revamping your menu, announcing it ahead of time will give customers a reason to visit and it will create excitement about what’s coming in next.

We know your loyal customers will be sure to visit on D-day for their first taste of the new menu and like the unveiling of a new product, your new menu launch could make for an exciting event.

3. Appealing Menu Design

Your new items on the menu will have new pricing. To emphasize the start of something new, redesign your restaurant menu so  that it will look more appealing to the customers.

You may choose to hire a designer, but there are many software and easy-to-use apps that will help you do the job yourself. A newly designed menu is a clear indication that your menu pricing and food items have been revamped and that customers will be able to find out what’s new!

4. Leverage Online Marketing

You have invited a food critic and an influencer to your establishment. But your social media marketing strategy can’t stop at just that! Leveraging social media marketing is essential for engaging with customers, and it’s the best way to entice new ones into your restaurant.

The platform is free, so you can test it out without spending any money. Make sure you answer the right questions and reach out to your desired audience with specially targeted content.

5. Giveaway Contest

Your social media game should be in high gear. You can get creative with your social media campaign and bring in new audiences, as well as create some buzz around your menu with giveaways, contests where you ask customers to take a picture or post about your new menu, tagging your restaurants in their stories or posts will be the sure shot way to spread the news like wildfire and gain many new customers.


As you can see, there are many ways that your restaurant can advertise its new menu. Many of these strategies will require a bit of planning and capital, but they will help your restaurant retain old customers while drawing in many more new ones. We hope these tips help you reach out to customers and secure a successful future for your restaurant. And if you are new to this industry and want to start your own restaurant, here is the step by step guide to help you.