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      What is the concept?

      In India whenever we travel, or transit for long hours in the market we do not have a place the take a break and rest. Lootel (Loo of Hotel) is a “Take A  Restroom Break “ Concept. We are providing the IoT-based smart restroom service with snacking options.  always provides clean and air-conditioned public restroom services. Lootel’s PAY, USE & REDEEM is a very innovative process, “Make it Free’ where the user can redeem his 10Rs restroom coupon at our adjacent Lootel café on food and beverage bills.

      Lootel’s new business model’s unique revenue generation system gives us an extended user base for revenue. Restrooms give a higher entry barrier and extra marketing milage to café generate more business.

      Along with the café and restroom, we have an additional service to generate more revenue Shower room, a Locker room facility, for the day travelers, and a Hygiene product shelf.

      Our Model

      Lootel is working on a premium-quality public restroom since 2017. We provide a complete “Take a Break” concept place for tourists, travelers, and transit people where we provide clean hygiene restroom service, quality foods, and recharge their EV vehicles. 

      Kiosk store model

      The Kiosk model will be in a prefabricated model minimum of 300-400 Sqft. space area required for setup. There will be 03 unisex restrooms with Café in the kiosk model. Every restroom is equipped with all equipment and accessories like a Toilet seat, washbasin, and toilet accessories.

      Urban Model

      The Urban model will be in a construction mode of 300-400 Sqft. space area required for setup. There will be 2-3 unisex restrooms with Café with EV charging for the 02-wheeler or 04-wheeler in the urban model. Seating Space for 08-10 people and luggage room for the baggage drop. Every restroom is equipped with all equipment and accessories like a Toilet seat, washbasin, and toilet accessories.

      Lounge model

      The Lounge model will be in a minimum of 700-1500 Sqft. space area required for construction. There will be 3-5 unisex restrooms with Café and EV charging for the 02-wheeler or slow/fast charger for the 04-wheeler. Seating Space for 15-25people and luggage room for the baggage drop and napping area.

      Rest Stop Model

      The Rest Stop model will be in a minimum of 5000-150000 Sqft. space area required for construction. There will be dedicated restrooms with restaurants, a shopping zone, and EV charging for the 04-wheeler or a fast charger for the 04-wheeler. Seating Space for 40-50 people and luggage room for the baggage drop and napping area.

      Requirement for our setup

      Minimum 500-1000 sq. ft. space area for unit installation at high footfall public area. Where we install the Lootel Café. The area also depends on public gatherings and nearby circumstances. Also, the required space depends on the model which we are going to install.

      Footfall should be 5000-10000 per day at a given space.

      24 Hours running water supply at setup place.

      The sewage line should be there.

      Support From Lootel

      Outlet Setup

      Complete handholding support for the outlet setup like site selection, Outlet design, and inauguration of the outlet.

      Staff Support

      The Store Support Centre will provide employee recruitment and training support. Periodically staff training for the store efficiency improvement.

      Vendor Management

      New vendor development and tie-up with vendors for the 24X7 availability of material at the outlet at the optimal rate.

      IT Support

      Complete IT support for efficient outlet operation and keep the operation update on the mobile.

      Marketing Support

      All social media page handling, Jio fencing marketing, influencer marketing, and print media marketing support will be provided by the Store Support Centre.

      Accounting Support

      All accounting work like Sales, GST reconciliation, Online payment reconciliation, Accounting, and bookkeeping support will provide Store Support Centre.

      Inventory Support

      All raw Material and Chemical purchase, receiving, handling, and material billing support will provide Store Support Centre.

      24X7 CCTV Surveillance

      Complete 24X7 CCTV surveillance will be done from the Store Support Centre. Unfavorable circumstances or events will be notified to the Store Manager or concerned authority per the escalation matrix.

      Menu Upgrade

      Periodically menu upgradation as per sale improvement, customer demand, seasonal change, and localization support will be provided by Store Support Centre.

      Mis Reports

      First week of every month complete reports on detailed sales, material consumption, categorize-wise consumption, cost analysis, and P&L will be live on the mobile by Store Support Centre.

      Why should you invest in lootel ?

      Business of Basic Needs

      Our services Recharge, Refresh and Refuel services belong to basic needs. Especially while traveling user needs these services.

      Customer from Pan India

      Our services belong to basic needs and traveling. So we do have cross-city users from pan India.

      24X7 Operation

      We have a minimum 18 hours to 24 Hours operation requirement. We do have customers' footfall at the outlet from the morning 06 pm to Midnights which help to us generate more revenue from the customer.

      Higher Entry Barrier

      We have a unique business model. Which has a unique combination of service and revenue generation system which creates a higher entry barrier for the competitors.

      Aligned with Govt Need

      We are working on the basic needs where we are providing the quality restroom and EV charging infrastructure facilities which demand of the hour. Govts also promoting these services right now in EV and Swacha Bharat

      Bigger Market

      Our target user is traveler, tourist, and transit people which is available in pan  India. In 2019 8.8 Million foreign tourists and  1613 Million domestic tourists traveled to India.

      Proven Concept

      We got many awards for our concept and this year we got National Startup Award. The government also supports our concept. Almost 8.5lac users use services of Lootel and in the last 5 years, we generate 4.2cr revenue from our 4 outlets. 

      Future of hospitality

      the concept of Lootel we fill the gap between Demand and supply of the services. Because every traveler has their different needs while traveling and Lootel provides them a place where their basic needs can be fulfilled like a shower, toilet, locker room, specific area for a nap, and food. They don’t need to take a hotel for that. 

      Unique business model

      Wa e has a unique combination of 3R – Recharge, Refresh and Refuel. These services have complaints about each other. Where you can recharge your Ev vehicles, get refreshed using the toilet and refuel your tummy with our delicious food.  

      Tech-Based Operation

      We provide a technology-based system where you get a Smart Entry System, Rating & Feedback System, and Monthly Membership System. We also provide a Management system where you can get Real Time Sensing alerts, Smoke/Fire alerts, and many more things. We also provide a centralized Control room service where you can get Real Time Key Operation alerts, User Data of All Units, and a Live CCTV View of All Units.

      Expert Team 

      Founder, CEO

      Yashwant Suthar

      Co- Founder, COO

      Neelam Singh

      Head of New Store Development

      Brijraj Jat

      Manager of Account and Inventory

      Hemat Bhale

      Manger Sales & Digital Marketing

      Krutika Pache

      Hr & AdminExecutives

      Sarika Malviya

      Yashwant Suthar
      Yashwant Suthar
      Founder, CEO
      11 year Expericenc in Strategy and New Product Developement
      Neelam Singh
      Neelam Singh
      Co- Founder, COO
      8 year experince in operation and quality control
      Brijraj Jat
      Brijraj Jat
      Head fo New Store Development
      14 year experience in Hospitality
      Hemat Bhale
      Hemat Bhale
      Manager of Account and Inventory
      11 years Accounting and Inventory
      Krutika Pache
      Krutika Pache
      Manager Sales & Digital Marketing
      12 years experience production and sales
      Sarika Malviya
      Sarika Malviya
      Hr & AdminExecutives
      04 year experience in HR & Admin

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